Eye-catching summer street fashion

Let’s see what young people around the world wear in the past few days! The secret to being attractive and outstanding with any mix formula is to use color. The way to mix shirts, shorts and sneakers is not new, but the bat blouse with colorful geometric motifs and pastel pink Converse shoes help this girl have an extremely impressive set of clothes.

Eye-catching summer street fashion

Decide the style

Eye-catching summer street fashion

This girl proves that accessories play a big role in determining the style of the set. This suit of your friend will be very sweet and feminine, without the appearance of round-rimmed eyeglasses and bowl hat – accessories that make the set more personality.

White-on-white is always an interesting choice for summer days. This girl chose a tank top with letters printed to mix with crochet skirts, creating a feminine and fashionable set. Besides, wreath and purple-pink Lita boots also contribute to complete this set.

High heels sandal

Eye-catching summer street fashion

Flared skirts and pleated skirt legs are often favored in the summer because of the airy and diverse coordination possibilities. The formula of blouse with skirt, high heel sandal and small clutch bag was completely applied in this set, but thanks to the floating tone of the skirt and the metallic material of the clutch, the whole set was still not boring clown.

Tip for girls who want to turn their ordinary shirt into a trendy crop-top: tie the lapel. This girl has “transformed” the familiar set of shirts and skinny pants to become more stylish and trendy!

The rivet neck blouse

Eye-catching summer street fashion

If you pay attention, you will notice that the hem of this skirt has fancy skull-shaped laser cuts and the owner of the set has “feminized” this item with a rivet neck blouse, lita boots. Lovely floral motifs and heart-shaped clutches.

The short white dresses (LWD) will definitely bring a beautiful and sweet beauty to your summer day. And this girl chose to mix her LWD with backpacks and sweet pink cardboard eyeglasses, and extremely feminine sedge shoes.

How to mix crochet dress

Eye-catching summer street fashion

If you are a fan of boho chic, then perhaps you are no stranger to mixing crochet skirts with wreaths, ankle boots and brown leather bag accessories, right?

This girl has a more powerful and personality mix style when choosing for her black-on-black set, with impressive graphic printed tank top shirt, leather leggings, creeper shoes. The half-jacket denim jacket is considered a gentle layer detail but also a color accent for this “pure black” set.

It will be too simple if this girl only uses the formula of sleeveless shirts, shorts with a pair of sneakers or flats. But it is the coarse-heeled high heels that make her set look feminine and perfect.

Sweet pastel palette

Eye-catching summer street fashion

Crop-top tops and skater skirts are considered the most noticeable mix recipes this summer. This girl quickly caught up with the trend when she mixed two hot items together according to the sweet and delicate pastel palette, and chose for herself creeper shoes with the same dress color.

Denim-on-denim would be difficult to become outdated, and this guy chose for himself an eye-catching riveted ombre denim shirt to combine with denim shorts, not forgetting to go with blue-toned glasses. eye.

Applying the dusty waistband formula, but with gentle tones, this guy has a basic and casual set for boys who like dynamism and fitness.

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