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Fashion style

Coordinate graphics with a fresh pattern for summer days

Fashion guys is one of the fashion trends that never goes out of style, it gives the wearer a fresh, confident, active breath for a day of fun or work. The advantage of plaid is easy to wear, easy to coordinate and always gives wo

Fashion dresses for hot sunny day for girls with curved legs

For girls, having straight, smooth white legs can be considered very lucky, even pride. But the truth is, not many of us are born with that advantage. Unfortunately, there are many girls who also own a pair of legs and legs are no

Great way to choose summer party dresses that are both luxurious and cool

As a rule, the summer comes with a long vacation and endless parties. This is probably also the most favorite time for ladies of the year when they can spend more time with friends and family after hard working days. However, f

Tips for owning bright white skin to wear any color are also beautiful

Bright, smooth skin is the most natural way of attracting a look. Make a plan to help your skin shine brightly. Having fair, healthy skin is something that most women want. But have you ever found yourself using a lot of creams bu

Principle of graphic coordination

Patterns have always been a typical fashion keyword in the past 2 years. Each trend season goes by, although there are many new trends appearing as well as dozens of new ways to combine trendy clothes, but the "fever" motifs alway

Beautiful coordination with flower lace

Fragile with gaps, lace flowers stand out with a delicate, gentle but no less sexy, modern for girls. Let's take a look at the following fashion trends. The delicate gaps of lace material have always been a creative inspiration fo

Beautiful style for the summer

How to coordinate outfits with different styles below will help women feel more confident and stylish in this summer. Sport You can immerse yourself in the exciting summer atmosphere with dynamic sportswear and accessories.

Youth fashion mix with plaid motifs

Along with other youthful motifs, plaid motifs have really made a new wave of fashion trends. But as soon as it reached the peak of popularity, striped outfits began to appear with dizzying frequency on the streets, in fashion sho

Simple street coordination summer day but still "quality"

The casual and simple style is still very popular with young people in the world. However, in order to create a little more style for her ombre dress, this girl chose an interesting solution to tie a checkered shirt to emphasize t

Colorful young fashion world youth

Young, fancy and colorful fashion combinations of young people in the world last week. From crop-top shirts to disco pants and especially riveted boots with an extremely fancy transparent ombre heels, all the ingredients in the se

1001 way thin cardigan in summer

With a variety of thin and light materials, you will be surprised to know that light cardigan shirts can be so useful on a summer day. Referring to the cardigan, you will probably immediately remember the extremely familiar cro

Change your style of style for the changing seasons

The first chilly breezes of autumn have arrived, meaning you need more than just a thin t-shirt or chiffon skirt down the street. However, do not rush to put away your light, fluttering summer clothes. Autumn in a tropical country

What to wear when cycling?

About more than 60 years ago, the image of the elegant "country girl" Audrey Hepburn with a sunny smile, dressed in elegant clothes, gliding on a peaceful car covered all the media and imprinted. bold in human heart. That seemingl

Eye-catching summer street fashion

Let's see what young people around the world wear in the past few days! The secret to being attractive and outstanding with any mix formula is to use color. The way to mix shirts, shorts and sneakers is not new, but the bat blouse

Young street style in the world

Choosing for herself an oversized "swag" style shirt, this girl did not hesitate to mix the same leopard print platform shoes of "huge" line and use trendy transparent bag accessories to complete the set. impressive, unique, but n

Simple plaid t-shirt but no mode error

The charm of a sailor plaid shirt is comparable to that of luxurious black dresses or elegant shirts. Having a history older than the black dress, a sailor T-shirt was also born thanks to the multi-talented sculpted hands of legen

Colorful streetwear fashion of young world last week

Simple and casual sets always become more special when you can accentuate with color. From crop-top shirts to disco pants and especially riveted boots with an extremely fancy transparent ombre heels, all the ingredients in the set

Instructions on how to match personality while still elegant with skort pants

Skort shorts are the item that can make you stand out more in any situation. Exploding a little while ago, the fake skirt was born based on the impromptu combination of dynamic shorts and the momentum of mini zip skirts. Immedi

Nice coordination with sandal for her big legs

Summer is the season for the throne of sandals. But this handy, trendy item is a challenge for girls with "giant" feet or feet. Summer, the season of sandal, high-heeled shoes, a season of pretty shoes showing off white feet in t

Dynamic short on rainy day

The rain makes you lazy to take care of yourself because you are afraid of being wet and dirty, short is the salvation for you in these gloomy days. Long, wet days make many people feel lazy because they are afraid of ruining thei

How to coordinate beautiful graphics youthful

With fashion combinations with patterned outfits, you will have a youthful and outstanding style. 1. Mix textures from the same color family To make the motifs blend together without distracting, choose for them one thing in

How to choose a beautiful dress for people with small legs

Girls with small legs like toothpicks often lose confidence when wearing skirts? So is there a way to choose a dress that is suitable for these girls? About the dress style For small-legged people, the choice of dress style

Instructions on how to choose instant dresses to honor your physique

Dress always gives you a comfortable, easy to move feeling while still retaining the charm and femininity even in rainy and windy days. During the rainy or stormy weather in recent days, advice for choosing the outfit suddenly bec

The secret to color combinations for costumes

Have you ever been teased by someone for your outfit? They said, “Oh, your dress colors are conflicting! ". This article will help you with the secret of color matching in outfits to have a young, stylish fashion style. 1. Use

7 tips to coordinate beautiful rhythm for pregnant women

Just a little sophistication in the way of choosing clothes, you will still be a fashionable pregnant, and you can get out of the shadow of "non-mobile" immediately. For women, motherhood is always the most sacred thing in ever

Nice coordination with thin autumn sweater

Young and trendy women's thin sweaters are a very interesting suggestion for you in the fall. Let's take a look at suggestions for beautiful matchmaking with this item. Mesh sweater Sexy and sexy mesh sweater combined with a

What to wear when ... "bad mood"?

When the mood goes down, fashion is a magic miracle that helps you get inspired in your life again. Saying goodbye to a relationship often makes it easier for women to fall into depression, lose their way with small matters. Getti

Glamorous coordination with early autumn street fashion

European women still choose for themselves a very luxurious and classy style when walking around in the cool early autumn weather. The outfit and color combination is extremely cool with white two-tone wide pants - leafy with a he

Party fashion is easy to seduce men most

Are you looking to be the sexiest lady at weekend party? Listen to the men reveal their point of view. For women, after every 8 hours of tiring working, the moment of relaxation also plays an important position in the busy time. O

5 ways to coordinate beautiful with flower dresses

Weekends are a time to have fun with friends and family. Which style would you choose if you own a beautiful flower skirt? Take off the formal office outfits to transform into a sweet, seductive girl to party with friends and love

Gentle autumn-winter streetwear fashion with pastel colors

Pastel colors will be a subtle and harmonious breakthrough in the peaceful autumn day picture. Wearing pastel-colored outfits down the street this season is the "hot trend" of European youth. Let's see how they "mix and match" the

Nice coordination with 3 basic white cotton shirts

Overcoming all the trendy trends and item statements, the basic white cotton shirts are always at the top of the items with the most flexible mix & match capabilities.   Already a woman, all of us like to wear beaut

5 beautiful, trendy styles that are not too expensive

Most women have a passion for fashion, but not everyone has the potential to always be outstanding, trendy and "expensive". Because of that, more than 70% of the girls are wondering with the question: how do I not have to invest t

Casual fashion for Sagittarius 'giddy' palace

Sagittarius just likes clothes that make you feel comfortable and convenient in any situation. Although belonging to the Fire group, Sagittarius is not like Aries and Lions. Nhan Ma is enthusiastic, enthusiastic but somewhat dumb,

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

There are many questions of all of you with different questions related to choosing and coordinating stars to help conceal defects or enhance your physique and flexibility with each different occasion. 1. Mix pear shaped clothe

Trendy Lion with an orange color

Orange helps Lion to stand out all the time like the sun, lion's planet. Ruled by the sun, the planet symbolizing the supreme principles, the Lion fuses with the color of the sun - orange. It will give you the charisma of a leader

Mix beautiful clothes - layering day to match each body shape

Not only is it about layers or layers of clothing, layering is also the art of coordination and the creativity of each person. If you know the application is flexible, this mix can cover all the shortcomings of your body. When

Mix autumn street clothes for her personality

For girls with personality, choosing autumn street costumes not only needs to be beautiful, fashionable, but also dynamic and unique, showing the wearer's fashion sense. For girls with personality, fashion for them is always as

7 ways to mix clothes for the whole week of extreme school in the autumn days

Going through the stressful college exams and anxious days waiting for results, perhaps new students - especially the girls - when they have finished all the admissions procedures will now have an extra I am also "very girl" too:

Instructions to choose beautiful maxi dresses according to the body shape

Regardless of your physique, you can confidently walk on the autumn street in charming, fluttering and sweet maxi dresses. Summer has completely left, now, filled with a place where the autumn weather is cool. This is a very suita

Suggestions how to mix beautiful furniture to "increase" the modest height

Combining the right principles, you will definitely "increase" a lot of modest height. Should: Skirts or high-waist pants Pants or high-waisted skirts are both effective in "stretching legs", combined with high heels, you ca

Mix beautiful fresh autumn items with inexpensive summer items

This fall, you can fully take advantage of the summer items and mix with the collection set to own a fresh look but not expensive. The new season does not mean that women will have to change and work hard to "update" a new ward

Beautiful street fashion personality in cold autumn and winter weather

Challenging with simple colors and outfits but personality is always an interesting source of inspiration for Asian ladies. Dark green striped peplum shirt, mixed with colorful and neutral orange mezzanine blazer with an elegan

Autumn and winter fashion items are required for a fat girl

Summer is over and the chubby girls can breathe a little bit of relief. Although modern fashion has made people with a slightly overweight body to be more confident when wearing short summer dresses such as short skirts, short ski

Mix layering map to combine motifs for fall day

You can completely make the most casual mix recipes more interesting thanks to the combination of flexible textures and materials like the world's youth. Choosing for her casual and comfortable style, this set of clothes is sti

4 ways to combine silk towels with blazer

Just a thin scarf and stylish blazer, she has 4 confident styles to work. Autumn weather is not too cold, so autumn scarves are often light and light materials such as Satin, silk, line ... are essential accessories that not only

Beautiful winter fashion map with checkered motifs

Do not think that the checkered pattern can only be attached to the shirts, you can completely mix & match this pattern through different items and styles. Let's explore the beautiful Eastern fashion styles with checkered moti

3 ways to wear beautiful scarf for office people

Change the style of the scarf every day to work, although they are very simple, but it has a lot to do with the overall outfit. 1. Basic shawl style The easiest way you can do with a scarf is to squeeze it over your neck and

4 suggestions for mixing beautiful clothes for girls who love leather jackets

Leather jackets are never-out-of-date items and they seem to be getting bigger every day. Fashion season this year, fashion forums have seen a comeback of leather jackets of all shapes and styles. The most popular leather jacket s

3 secrets of wearing loose, yet neat and attractive

The following three expensive tips will help you feel secure oversized comfortably without worrying about "losing shape". In addition to sexy tight-fitting items, spacious outfits also have great charm for women. That's because be

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