Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

There are many questions of all of you with different questions related to choosing and coordinating stars to help conceal defects or enhance your physique and flexibility with each different occasion.

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

1. Mix pear shaped clothes

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

For a pear-shaped body with a small round 1 but starts to gradually bulge in round 2 and 3, the first thing you should pay attention to in choosing the outfit is to choose items that have the ability to add more emphasis to the round. 1 of you. Specifically, here is that you can choose shirts with cuffs or other accent details on the hands, avoid shirts with a deep chest cut because they will reveal your weaknesses but instead use them. Use thick textured items on the upper body to create a fuller illusion.

Next is the cut, you should choose shirts or skirts that are right below the chest and then fall down to create a fuller feel, while hiding the 2 and 3 breasts. You should also pay attention in choosing cardigan shirts and coats, choose shirts that are not too long and cut right at the hips to avoid feeling too full and rough in the lower body. In addition, the A-shaped and high-waist skirt will also balance your pear figure.

In terms of color, you should choose a set of clothes with a contrasting color between the upper body and lower body. The upper body should use a light color and texture to create a feeling of fullness, while the lower body should be dark for a slimmer look.

Besides, please confidently “show off” the strengths of your body. For example, for a pear-shaped body, your strong point is having slim shoulders, so you should boldly choose for yourself the off-shoulder items or strapless strapless dresses at the bust legs, use a thin belt to flatter your waist …

2. Mix clothes for boys with big legs

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

The first thing that you should pay attention to is absolutely not wearing tight skinny pants. With a reasonable height like you, dark-colored shorts will be the perfect choice. Dark color will create a feeling that the legs are not big and the shape of the pants will not reveal this disadvantage. In addition, if you want to create a feeling of longer legs, you can choose high waist pants or rolled up bears is reasonable.

3. Mix clothes for you with blue-white skin

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

On the disadvantage of big legs, you can completely solve by choosing a skirt length that is just enough to cover the big thighs. One thing to note when choosing a skirt is that you should not choose knee-length skirts because they will make your legs feel a lot of sight. Skirts above the knee range 2 – 3 cm would be ideal. Of course, do not forget to combine the same high heels to increase height and make your legs look slimmer.

As for the bluish-white part, you should stay away from bright and overly vibrant colors because these colors oppose your skin tone adversely. Specifically, they make your outfit stand out and you sink into the back. You should also be careful with black or white, they will make you look even more pale.

Colors that are suitable for blue skin are warm, hot tones like red, pink or yellow with just the right shade, not too glare. These colors will help you look fresh, full of life.

4. Mix clothes for dark skin, conceal big thighs

Suggest how to mix skin color concealer and big legs

In general, you just need to choose clothes that flatter your upper body, cover your lower body to balance your 3 circles. With dark dark skin, you can wear warm and bright colors like yellow, magenta … to contrast your personality with your skin tone. This contrast will help you look outstanding and make it stand out! In addition, strong colors such as orange, aubergine or even brighter lemon yellow also help make your skin more fresh. Avoid cold, dark colors like black, blue, green … as they will make your skin dull ..

Choosing bright colors, however, is only half the secret. You should absolutely pay attention not to choose either the white tree or the yellow tree, but instead should mix a balance between light and dark colors to create a sense of harmony for your overall!